Boards & Commissions

  1. City Council

    The City of Chadron uses a City Manager/City Council form of city government.

  2. Airport Advisory Committee

    The Airport Advisory Committee appointed by the City Council for the purpose of reviewing Airport related matters.

  3. Airport Zoning Board

    There are a total of 5 members on the Airport Zoning Board.

  4. Business Improvement District

    This board consists of persons who are property owners, residents, business operators, or users of space within the boundaries of the Business Improvement District.

  5. Citizen Advisory Review Committee

    A Citizen Advisory Review Committee was established in 2004 to implement and aid in the administration of the adopted Economic Development Plan.

  6. Civil Service Commission

    The State Statutes were amended to grant the City Manager the authority to make appointments to this Commission, rather than the City Council.

  7. Community Development Advisory Committee

    The Chadron Economic Development Plan provides that a percentage of the proceeds from the one-half percent City Sales and Use Tax adopted pursuant to the Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act, be allocated to a Community Development Program.

  8. Health Board

    The Health Board consists of 5 members, including a physician who acts as the Medical Advisor.

  9. Housing Authority

    The Housing Authority makes decisions and hears issues regarding the housing situation in Chadron.

  10. Library Board

    Library Board members serve a term of 4 years.

  11. Planning Commission

    Members of this committee must reside within the zoning jurisdiction of the city.

  12. Property Maintenance Code - Board of Appeals

    The Board of Appeals shall employ the means of appeal as provided by the International Building Code, Plumbing Code and Property Maintenance Code. The meetings are held on an as needed basis.

  13. Property Maintenance Code-Problem Resolution Team

    The Problem Resolution Team employs a multiple agency approach to address health, safety and welfare issues relative to neighborhoods, housing, and property use through education, code enforcement, and nuisance abatement in a proactive and consistent manner. The Team shall also provide feedback to citizens, and make recommendations to the City Council regarding City practices, policies, and code changes needed.

  14. Police Retirement Committee

    Find out more information regarding the members of this committee.

  15. Tree Board

    Check out more information about the members of this board and its purpose in Chadron.

  16. Zoning Board of Adjustment

    The Zoning Board of Adjustment consists of 5 regular members, plus 1 additional member designated as an alternate.