Friends of the Library


  • Vicki Kotschwar, President
  • Bruce Dolezal Vice President

  • Ashtyn Blacksheep, Secretary
  • Jane Druecker, Treasurer
The purpose of this organization is to foster closer relations between the Chadron Public Library and the citizens of Chadron and Dawes County; to promote knowledge of the functions, resources, services, and needs of the library; to lead the development of a program for the extension and improvement of the library's services and resources; to receive and encourage gifts to the library; to expend and use these gifts for the library; to lend legislative support for libraries where needed; and to support the freedom to read as expressed in the American Library Association Bill of Rights.


Membership in this organization shall be open to all individuals in sympathy with its purpose and to representatives of organizations and clubs when such representation is desired.

Each individual member, family member (over eighteen years of age), corporate member representative, and lifetime member shall be entitled to one vote. Adult and Children’s librarians shall be honorary members, each entitled to one vote.

Annual dues shall be payable after September 1. Dues shall be voted on at the annual meeting. There shall be the following classes of membership and dues:
  • Individual Membership = $10
  • Individual Membership Plus = $20
  • Family Membership = $25
  • Non-profit/Business/Corporate Membership = $50
  • Individual Lifetime Membership = $100

For more information please view the Friends of the Library Constitution (PDF).