When to or Not to Call 911?

• When you or someone else needs an ambulance

• Person calls 911 but is too frightened to speak due to the presence of a burglar or attacker in the home.

• To report a crime in progress such as a burglary or assault (fight)

• Child who does not know address calls 911 because mom or dad is ill

• Car accident involving injuries or lane blockage

• To report a fire

• If you or someone else is in immediate danger


• To find out why the warning sirens are sounding

• To report a power outage. Instead call your local power company

• When you want to find out if someone has been arrested or is in jail

• When you are looking for general information or a phone number (City hall, local business.)

• When you are curious why there is a police officer or ambulance at the neighbor’s house

• To find out about weather or road conditions

• To find out about school/business closings

• For directions

• For a flat tire or if you run out of gas

• For stray dogs in the area

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